From my daily reading in 1st Corinthians chapters 7 and 8: “…. if you marry, you have not sinned … . yet such will have trouble in this life, and I am trying to spare you.”

Part of the “Great Reset” (the liberal attempt at world wide socialism) is the dissolution of the traditional family structure, which is encouraged by recent articles in the New York Times and the Atlantic. (I hate to even post links to those publications; if you must, google “Covid divorces.”)

Many are predicting record divorce rates post-covid, if we ever achieve that status (part of the Great Reset is to ensure that we live in fear of infection from now on). One clever lawyer is redefining divorce: “I don’t call myself a divorce lawyer. I say that I work in family restructuring.”

The Apostle Paul in the verses above recognizes that trouble comes hand-in-hand with marriage. But in the same context he strongly discourages divorce. And everything Paul says in these passages points to a focus on ministry. Just as Jesus Christ is the Cornerstone to our Christian faith, he is the Cornerstone to our Christian marriages.

Marriages will crumble just like a building eventually will if the cornerstone is removed. Marriages will thrive if they’re focused and driven by the Holy Spirit to work in the areas of ministry which God has called us all to do. Abiding in Christian fellowship, teaching our children the foundations of our faith, helping the orphans and widows, sharing the Good News: these are not optional, are not just suggestions, and couples that team together in these endeavors — focusing on God’s mission rather than their own agenda — are on a path for a prosperous and eternally rewarding life together.

The ancient cornerstone was the first stone laid in a building, and it determined the direction and alignment of every other stone in the building. The Cornerstone that determines our direction and alignment as Christians is the Lord Jesus Christ, the only foundation that can guarantee us stability and success. Millions of marriages have been saved when people who had no recognition that there even was a Cornerstone fell on “the stone that the builders rejected.” He is also the One who said, “Everyone who falls on that stone will be broken to pieces; but on whomever it falls, it will scatter him like dust.”

Becoming a Christian will surely break your own agenda to pieces, but it will start you on an eternal path of peace and prosperity. But if you reject Him, you will scatter like dust, much like many marriages and families have done. Feel free to message me or avail yourself of the resources of the church I attend:

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If you are a Christian, a measured and prayerful reading of 1 Corinthians will be valuable, and if you are planning marriage or already married pay careful attention to chapter 7. Placing all your trust and hope on the Cornerstone — the Lord Jesus Christ — in every aspect of your life will be the most significant action you can ever take.