There is a documentary teaser circulating called the Plandemic (banned by YouTube). While there’s definitely some unfounded conspiracy theory wound in and around it, there’s definitely also a lot of truth in this.

One thing addressed is the Covid-19 numbers. It’s a documented fact that Medicare pays a bonus for Covid-19 diagnosis and another bonus for ventilator treatment, and the much touted ventilator treatment ended up resulting in an 80% or more death rate in the New York numbers. So, if unnecessary ventilation was mandated for profitability, people died.

One thing is absolutely certain: Covid-19 isn’t nearly as serious as we were told it was going to be. Except for the economics. And someone is profiting from this as tens of millions of Americans are losing work.

I don’t take the whole documentary at face value, but I do think that YouTube’s (Google’s) decision to ban it is horrific given that YouTube/Google has become the defacto data source for most people.  When Google is the arbitrator of what we can find with their search engine (and we depend on it) we are in a dangerous place. Therefore, take this with a grain of salt, but compare it to some of my extensive research on the pages of this blog.  Here’s the link on my OneDrive (until Microsoft takes it down). PLANDEMIC DOCUMENTARY the HIDDEN AGENDA BEHIND COVID 19

Here’s another upload site I used if the one above doesn’t work:  PLANDEMIC DOCUMENTARY the HIDDEN AGENDA BEHIND COVID 19

And here is a must-see documentary on the control Google and Facebook have on information, and the influence they wield:  The Creepy Line

And here’s the USA Today fact check on the bonuses for Covid-19 diagnoses and ventilator usage.

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