Morning, June 19, edited from Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening

“And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit.” — Acts 2:4

We would be richly blessed this day if all of us were filled with the Holy Spirit. The consequences of this sacred filling of the soul it would be impossible to overestimate. Life, comfort, light, purity, power, peace, and many other precious blessings are inseparable from the Spirit’s benevolent presence. As sacred oil, he anoints the head of the believer, sets him apart to the priesthood of saints, and gives him grace to execute his office perfectly. As the only truly purifying water he cleanses us from the power of sin and sanctifies us to holiness, working in us both to will and to work for His good pleasure. As the light, he manifested to us at first our lost condition, and now he reveals the Lord Jesus to us and in us, and guides us in the way of righteousness. Illuminated by his pure celestial light, we are no longer full of darkness but filled with light in the Lord. As fire, he both purges us from dross, and sets our consecrated nature ablaze. He is the sacrificial flame by which we are enabled to offer our whole souls as a living sacrifice to God. As heavenly dew, he removes our barrenness and fertilizes our lives. O that he would drop from above upon us at this early hour! Such morning dew would be a sweet beginning for the day. Like a dove, with wings of peaceful love he broods over his Church and over the souls of believers, and as a Comforter he dispels the cares and doubts which mar the peace of his beloved. He descends upon the chosen as he did upon the ark of the Lord in Jordan, and bears witness to their sonship by birthing in them a familial spirit by which they cry Abba, Father. As the wind, he brings the breath of life to men; blowing where he wishes he performs the enlivening operations by which the spiritual creation is animated and sustained. Would to God, that we might feel his presence this day and every day.