Evening, April 21, edited from Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening

“Who is at the right hand of God.” — Romans 8:34

He who was once despised and rejected of men, now occupies the honorable position of a beloved and honored Son. The right hand of God is the place of majesty and favor. Our Lord Jesus is his people’s representative. When he died for them, they had rest; he rose again for them, they had liberty; when he sat down at his Father’s right hand, they had favor, and honor, and dignity. The raising and elevation of Christ is the elevation, the acceptance, enshrinement, and the glorifying of all his people, for he is their head and representative. This position sitting at the right hand of God, then, is to be viewed as the acceptance of the person of the Guarantee, the reception of the Representative, and therefore, the acceptance of our souls. O saint, see in this your sure freedom from condemnation. “Who is he that condemns?” Who shall condemn the men who are in Jesus at the right hand of God?

The right hand is the place of power. Christ at the right hand of God has all power in heaven and in earth. Who shall fight against the people who have such power vested in their Captain? O my soul, what can destroy you if Omnipotence is your helper? If the aegis of the Almighty covers you, what sword can strike you? Rest secure. If Jesus is your all-prevailing King, and has crushed your enemies beneath his feet; if sin, death, and hell are all vanquished by him, and you are represented in him, by no possibility can you be destroyed.

“Jesu’s tremendous name

Puts all our foes to flight:

Jesus, the meek, the angry Lamb,

A Lion is in fight.

“By all hell’s host withstood;

We all hell’s host o’erthrow;

And conquering them, through Jesu’s blood

We still to conquer go.”