Evening, March 25, edited from Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening

“The Son of Man.” — John 3:13

How constantly our Master used the title, the “Son of Man!” If he had chosen, he might always have spoken of himself as the Son of God, the Everlasting Father, Wonderful, Counsellor, the Prince of Peace; but behold the humbleness of Jesus! He prefers to call himself the Son of Man. Let us learn a lesson of humility from our Savior; let us never court great titles nor proud degrees. There is here, however, a far more valuable thought. Jesus loved mankind so much, that he delighted to honor it; and since it is a high honor, and indeed, the greatest dignity of mankind, that Jesus is the Son of Man, he is disposed to display this name, that, as it were, he may hang royal stars upon the breast of mankind, and show forth the love of God to Abraham’s seed. Son of Man—whenever he said that word, he set a halo round the head of Adam’s children. Yet there is perhaps a more precious thought still. Jesus Christ called himself the Son of Man to express his oneness and sympathy with his people. He therefore reminds us that he is the one whom we may approach without fear. Every one of us may take to him all our griefs and troubles, for he knows them by experience; in that he himself has suffered as the “Son of Man,” he is able to aid and comfort us. All hail, blessed Jesus! Since you are forever using the sweet name which acknowledges that you are a brother and a near relative, it is to us a prized token of your grace, your humility, your love.

“Oh see how Jesus trusts himself

Unto our childish love,

As though by his free ways with us

Our earnestness to prove!

His sacred name a common word

On earth he loves to hear;

There is no majesty in him

Which love may not come near.”