Morning, March 9, edited from Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening

 “He is wholly desirable. This is my beloved and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem.” — Song of Solomon 5:16

The superlative beauty of Jesus is irresistible; it is not so much to be admired as to be loved. He is more than pleasant and fair, he is lovely. Surely the people of God can fully justify the use of this golden word, for he is the object of their warmest love, a love founded on the intrinsic excellence of his person, the complete perfection of his charms. Look, O disciples of Jesus, to your Master’s lips, and say, “Are they not most sweet?” Do not his words cause your hearts to burn within you as he talks with you by the way? You worshippers of Immanuel, look up to his head of much fine gold, and tell me, are his thoughts not precious to you? Is your adoration not sweetened with affection as you humbly bow before that countenance which is as excellent as the cedars of Lebanon? Is there not a charm in his every feature, and is not his whole person scented with such a savor of his good fragrance, that therefore all who are pure love him? Is there one part of his glorious body which is not attractive? Is there one portion of his person which is not a magnet to our souls? Is there one aspect which is not a strong cord to bind your heart? Our love is not just a seal set upon his heart of love alone; it is fastened upon his arm of power also; nor is there a single part of him upon which our love does not fix itself. We anoint his whole person with the sweet, fragrant oils of our ardent love. His whole life we would imitate; his whole character we would transcribe. In all other beings we see some lack, in him there is all perfection. Even the best of his favored children have had blots upon their garments and wrinkles upon their foreheads; he is nothing but loveliness. All suns and stars have their spots: our fair world itself has its barren wilderness; we do not have the capacity to wholly love the most lovely thing; but Christ Jesus is gold without alloy—light without darkness—glory without cloud— yes, “He is wholly desirable.”