Evening, March 6, edited from Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening

“Before destruction the heart of man is haughty.” — Proverbs 18:12

It is an old saying that “coming events cast their shadows before them;” the wise man teaches us that a haughty heart is the prophetic prelude of evil. Pride is as surely the sign of destruction as the change of the barometer is the sign of rain; and far more infallibly so than that. When men have ridden the high horse, destruction has always overtaken them. Let David’s aching heart show that there is an eclipse of a man’s glory when he focuses upon his own greatness, as when he numbered Israel. See Nebuchadnezzar, the mighty builder of Babylon, creeping on the earth, devouring grass like oxen, until his nails had grown like bird’s claws, and his hair like eagle’s feathers. Pride made the boaster a beast, as once before it made an angel a devil. God hates arrogant looks, and never fails to bring them down. All the arrows of God are aimed at proud hearts. O Christian, is your heart haughty this evening? For pride can get into the Christian’s heart as well as into the sinner’s; it can delude him into dreaming that he is “rich and increased in goods, and has need of nothing.” Are you glorying in your spiritual gifts or your talents? Are you proud of yourself, that you have had had holy upbringing and special experiences? Mark yourself, reader, there is a destruction coming to you also. Your pompous flowers of self-conceit will be pulled up by the roots, your mushrooming fortunes will wither in the burning heat, and your self-sufficiency shall become as straw for the compost pile. If we forget to live at the foot of the cross in deepest lowliness of spirit, God will not forget to make us sting under his rod. A destruction will come to you, O unjustifiably exalted believer, the destruction of your joys and of your comforts, though there can be no destruction of your soul. Therefore, “He that glories, let him glory in the Lord.”