Evening, February 16, edited from Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening

 “Your good Spirit.” — Nehemiah 9:20

Common — too common — is the sin of forgetting the Holy Spirit. This is foolishness and ungratefulness. He deserves to be treated well at our hands, for he is good, supremely good. As God, he is the essence of good. He shares in the threefold attribution of Holy, Holy, Holy, which rises in praise to the Triune Jehovah. He is unadulterated purity, and truth, and grace. He is compassionately good, tenderly bearing with our waywardness, striving with our rebellious wills; enlivening us from our death in sin, and then training us for the skies as a loving nurse fosters her child. How generous, forgiving, and tender is this patient Spirit of God. He is good in every operation. All his works are good in the most eminent degree: he suggests good thoughts, prompts good actions, reveals good truths, applies good promises, assists in good attainments, and leads to good results. There is no spiritual good in all the world of which he is not the author and sustainer, and heaven itself will owe the perfect character of its redeemed inhabitants to his work. He is officially good; whether as Comforter, Instructor, Guide, Sanctifier, Life-Giver, or Intercessor, he fulfils his office well, and each work is brimming with the highest good to the church of God. They who yield to his influences become good, they who obey his impulses do good, they who live under his power receive good. Let us then act towards so good a person according to the dictates of gratitude. Let us revere his person, and adore him as God over all, blessed forever; let us own his power, and our need of him by waiting upon him in all our holy enterprises; let us hourly seek his aid, and never grieve him; and let us speak praise to him whenever an occasion occurs. The church will never prosper until it believes more reverently in the Holy Spirit. He is so good and kind, that it is sad indeed that he should be grieved by rebuffs and negligence.