Evening, December 29, edited from Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening

“What do you think about the Messiah?” — Matthew 22:42

The great test of your soul’s health is: What do you think of Christ? Is he to you “fairer than the children of men”–“the chief among ten thousand”–the “altogether lovely”? Wherever Christ is in this way esteemed, all the faculties of the spiritual man bring to bear themselves with energy. I will judge of your piety by this barometer: Does Christ stand high or low with you? If you have thought little of Christ, if you have been content to live without his presence, if you have cared little for his honor, if you have been neglectful of his laws, then I know that your soul is sick–God grant that it may not be sick unto death! But if the first thought of your spirit has been, how can I honor Jesus? If the daily desire of your soul has been, “O that I knew where I might find him!” I tell you that you may have a thousand illnesses, and even scarcely know whether you are a child of God at all, and yet I am persuaded, beyond a doubt, that you are safe, since Jesus is held highly in your esteem. I do not care for your rags; what do you think of his royal apparel? I do not care for your wounds, though they bleed in torrents; what do you think of his wounds? Are they like glittering rubies in your esteem? I think none the less of you, though you lie like Lazarus on the dung pile, and the dogs lick you–I judge you not by your poverty; what do you think of the King in his beauty? Has he a glorious high throne in your heart? Would you set him higher if you could? Would you be willing to die if you could just add another trumpet to the anthem which proclaims his praise? Ah! Then it is well with you. Whatever you may think of yourself, if Christ is great to you, you shall be with him before long.

“Though all the world my choice deride,

Yet Jesus shall my portion be;

For I am pleased with none beside,

The fairest of the fair is he.”