Morning, December 22, edited from Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening

“I will strengthen you.” — Isaiah 41:10

God has a strong reserve with which to discharge this commitment; for he is able to do all things. Believer, until you can drain dry the ocean of omnipotence, until you can break into pieces the towering mountains of almighty strength, you never need to fear. Do not think that the strength of man shall ever be able to overcome the power of God. While the earth’s huge pillars stand, you have enough reason to abide firm in your faith. The same God who directs the earth in its orbit, who feeds the burning furnace of the sun, and trims the lamps of heaven, has promised to supply you with daily strength. While he is able to uphold the universe, do not dream that he will prove unable to fulfil his own promises. Remember what he did in the days of old, in the former generations. Remember how he spoke and it was done; how he commanded, and it stood immovable? Shall he that created the world grow weary? He hangs the world upon nothing; shall he who does this be unable to support his children? Shall he be unfaithful to his word for a lack of power? Who is it that restrains the hurricane? Does he not ride upon the wings of the wind, and make the clouds his chariots, and hold the ocean in the hollow of his hand? How can he fail you? When he has put such a faithful promise as this on record, will you for a moment indulge the thought that he has over promised himself, and gone beyond his power to fulfil? Ah, no! You can doubt no longer.

O you who are my God and my strength, I can believe that this promise shall be fulfilled, for the boundless reservoir of your grace can never be exhausted, and the overflowing storehouse of your strength can never be emptied by your friends or ransacked by your enemies.

“Now let the feeble all be strong,

And make Jehovah’s arm their song.”