Morning, December 7, edited from Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening

“And the base things of the world and the despised God has chosen.” — 1 Corinthians 1:28

Walk the streets by moonlight, if you dare, and you will see sinners then. Watch when the night is dark, and the wind is howling, and the picklock is grating in the door, and you will see sinners then. Go to yonder jail, and walk through the cellblocks, and mark the men with forceful and angry faces, men whom you would not like to meet at night, and there are sinners there. Go to the youth correctional facilities, and note those who have revealed a rampant juvenile depravity, and you will see sinners there. Go across the seas to the place where a man will gnaw a bone upon which is reeking human flesh, and there is a sinner there. Go where you will; you need not rummage through the earth to find sinners, for they are common enough; you may find them in every lane and street of every city, and town, and village, and neighborhood. It is for such as these that Jesus died. If you will select me the most uncivilized specimen of humanity, if he is only born of woman, I will have hope of him yet, because Jesus Christ is come to seek and to save sinners. God’s love has selected some of the worst to be made the best. Grace turns pebbles of the brook into jewels for the royal crown. Worthless dross he transforms into pure gold. Redeeming love has set apart many of the worst of mankind to be the reward of the Savior’s sacrifice. Effective grace calls forth many of the vilest of the vile to sit at the table of mercy, and therefore, let none despair.

Reader, by that love looking out of Jesus’ tearful eyes, by that love streaming from those bleeding wounds, by that faithful love, that strong love, that pure, impartial, and abiding love, by the heart and by the depths of the Savior’s compassion, we suggest you not turn away as though it were nothing to you; but believe on him and you shall be saved. Trust your soul with him and he will bring you to his Father’s right hand in glory everlasting.