Evening, October 31, edited from Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening

“I cared for you in the wilderness, in the land of drought.” — Hosea 13:5

Yes, Lord, you did indeed know me in my fallen state, and even then you choose me for yourself. When I was despicable and hated myself, you received me as your child, and you satisfied my desires. Blessed forever be your name for this free, rich, abounding mercy. Since then, my inward experience has often been a wilderness; but you have possessed me still as your beloved, and poured streams of love and grace into me to cheer me, and make me fruitful. Yes, when my outward circumstances have been at the worst, and I have wandered in a land of drought, your precious presence has comforted me. Men have abandoned me when shame has awaited me, but you have known my soul in adversity, for no affliction dims the luster of your love. Most gracious Lord, I magnify you for all your faithfulness to me in trying circumstances, and I deplore that I should at any time have forgotten you and been exalted in heart, when I have owed all good things to your gentleness and love. Have mercy upon your servant in this thing!

My soul, if Jesus in this way acknowledged you in your dismal condition, be sure that you possess both himself and his cause now that you are in your prosperity. Do not be lifted up by your worldly successes so as to be ashamed of the truth. or of the poor church with which you have been associated. Follow Jesus into the wilderness: bear the cross with him when the heat of persecution grows hot. He possessed you, Oh my soul, in your poverty and shame–never be so treacherous as to be ashamed of him. Oh, let me feel shame even at the thought of being ashamed of my best Beloved! Jesus, my soul clings to you.

“I’ll turn to thee in days of light,

As well as nights of care,

Thou brightest amid all that’s bright!

Thou fairest of the fair!”