Evening, October 28, edited from Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening

“His head is like gold, pure gold; His locks are like clusters of dates And black as a raven.” — Song of Solomon 5:11

Comparisons all fail to describe the Lord Jesus, but the bride uses the best within her reach. By the head of Jesus we may understand his deity —  “for the head of Christ is God” — and the ingot of purest gold is the best conceivable metaphor, but still all too poor to describe one so precious, so pure, so dear, so glorious. Jesus is not a grain of gold, but a vast globe of it, a priceless mass of treasure such as earth and heaven cannot excel. The creatures of earth are mere iron and clay;  they all shall perish like wood, hay, and straw, but the ever living Head of the creation of God shall shine on forever and ever. He is pure, with no mixture, nor smallest taint of alloy. He is forever infinitely holy and altogether divine. The bushy locks depict his manly vigor. There is nothing effeminate in our Beloved. He is the manliest of men. Bold as a lion, strong as an ox, swift as an eagle, every conceivable and inconceivable beauty is to be found in him, though once he was despised and rejected of men.

“His head the finest gold;

With secret sweet perfume,

His curled locks hang all as black

As any raven’s plume.”

The glory of his head is not sheared away; he is eternally crowned with peerless majesty. The black hair indicates youthful freshness, for Jesus has the dew of his youth upon him. Others grow fatigued with age, but he is forever a Priest as was Melchizedek; others come and go, but he abides as God upon his throne, world without end. We will behold him tonight and adore him. Angels are gazing upon him–his redeemed must not turn away their eyes from him. Where else is there such a Beloved? O for an hour’s fellowship with him! Away, you intruding cares! Jesus draws me, and I run after him.