Morning, October 6, edited from Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening

“Whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst.” — John 4:14

He who is a believer in Jesus finds enough in his Lord to satisfy him now, and to make him content forever. The believer is not a man whose days are weary for lack of comfort, and whose nights are long from absence of thoughts to cheer the heart, for he finds in his religion such a spring of joy, such a fountain of comfort, that he is content and happy. Put him in a dungeon and he will find good company; place him in a barren wilderness, he will eat the bread of heaven; drive him away from friendship, he will meet the “friend that sticks closer than a brother.” Destroy all his shade, and he will find shadow beneath the Rock of Ages; eat away the foundation of his earthly hopes, but his heart will still be fixed, trusting in the Lord. The heart is as ravenous as the grave till Jesus enters it, and then it is a cup filled to overflowing. There is such a fullness in Christ that he alone is the believer’s all. The true saint is so completely satisfied with the all-sufficiency of Jesus that he thirsts no more–except for deeper mouthfuls of the living fountain. In that sweet manner, believer, you shall thirst; it shall not be a thirst of pain, but of loving desire;  you will find it a sweet thing to be gasping after a fuller enjoyment of Jesus’ love. One in the days of old said, “I have been sinking my bucket down into the well to fill it often, but now my thirst after Jesus has become so unquenchable, that I long to put the well itself to my lips, and drink right on.” Is this the feeling of your heart now, believer? Do you feel that all your desires are satisfied in Jesus, and that you have nothing you want now, but to know more of him, and to have closer fellowship with him? Then come continually to the fountain, and take of the water of life freely. Jesus will never think you take too much, but will ever welcome you, saying, “Drink, yes, drink abundantly, O beloved.”