Evening, October 3, edited from Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening

“For since He Himself was tempted in that which He has suffered, He is able to come to the aid of those who are tempted.” –  Hebrews 2:18

It is a common thought, and yet it tastes like honey to the weary heart:  Jesus was tempted as I am. You have heard that truth many times; have you grasped it? He was tempted in the very same sins into which we fall. Do not dissociate Jesus from our common manhood. It is a dark room which you are going through, but Jesus went through it before. It is an intense fight which you are waging, but Jesus has stood foot to foot with the same enemy. Let us be of good cheer, Christ has borne the load before us, and the bloodstained footsteps of the King of glory may be seen along the road which we traverse at this hour. There is something more precious yet–Jesus was tempted, but Jesus never sinned. Then, my soul, it is not necessary for you to sin, for Jesus was a man, and if one man endured these temptations and did not sin, then in his power we, the  members of his body, may also cease from sin. Some beginners in the divine life think that they cannot be tempted without sinning, but they are mistaken; there is no sin in being tempted, but there is sin in yielding to temptation. Here is comfort for the greatly tempted ones. There is still more to encourage them if they reflect that the Lord Jesus, though tempted, gloriously triumphed, and as he overcame, so surely shall his followers also, for Jesus is the representative man for his people; the Head has triumphed, and the members share in the victory. Fears are needless, for Christ is with us, armed for our defense. Our place of safety is the embrace of the Savior. Perhaps our temptation served a purpose just now, in order to drive us nearer to him. Blessed be any wind that blows us into the port of our Savior’s love! Happy are any wounds which make us seek the beloved Physician. You tempted ones, come to your tempted Savior, for he can be touched with a feeling of your weaknesses, and will aid and comfort every tried and tempted one.