Morning, September 23, edited from Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening

“Accepted in the beloved.” —  Ephesians 1:6 (KJV)

What a state of privilege! It includes our justification before God, but the term “acceptance” in the Greek means more than that. It signifies that we are the objects of divine pleasure, and even of divine delight. How marvelous that we — worms, mortals, sinners — should be the objects of divine love! But it is only “in the beloved.” Some Christians seem to be accepted in their own experience, at least, that is their understanding. When their spirit is energetic, and their hopes bright, they think God accepts them, for they feel so high, so heavenly-minded, so drawn above the earth! But when their souls cleave to the dust, they are the victims of the fear that they are no longer accepted. How much happier they would be if they could only see that all their high levels of joy do not exalt them, and all their low depressions do not really decrease them in their Father’s sight, but that they stand accepted in One who never alters, in One who is always the beloved of God, always perfect, always without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing — how much more then they would honor the Savior! Rejoice then, believer, in this: you are accepted “in the beloved.” You look within, and you say, “There is nothing acceptable here!” But look at Christ, and see if there everything is acceptable in him. Your sins trouble you; but God has cast your sins behind his back, and you are accepted in the Righteous One. You have to fight with corruption, and to wrestle with temptation, but you are already accepted in him who has overcome the powers of evil. The devil tempts you; be of good cheer, he cannot destroy you, for you are accepted in him who has broken Satan’s head. Be fully assured of your glorious standing. Even glorified souls are not more accepted than you are. They are only accepted in heaven “in the beloved,” and you are even now accepted in Christ after the same manner.