Morning, August 26, edited from Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening

“He has ordained His covenant forever.”– Psalms 111:9

The Lord’s people take pleasure in in the covenant promise itself. It is an unfailing source of comfort to them so often as the Holy Spirit leads them into his banquet room and waves his banner of love. They take pleasure to meditate on the antiquity of that covenant, remembering that before the sun knew its place, or planets ran their orbits, the interests of the saints were made secure in Christ Jesus. It is peculiarly pleasing to them to remember the certainty of the covenant, while meditating upon “the sure mercies of David.” They take pleasure to celebrate it as “signed, and sealed, and ratified, in all things ordered well.” It often makes their hearts expand with joy to think of its unchangeable nature, as a covenant which neither time nor eternity, life nor death, shall ever be able to violate–a covenant as old as eternity and as everlasting as the Rock of ages. They joyfully also feast upon the comprehensiveness of this covenant, for they see in it that all things are provided for them. God is their portion, Christ their companion, the Spirit their Comforter, earth their lodge, and heaven their home. They see in it an inheritance permanently reserved to every soul possessing an interest in its ancient and eternal deed, freely gifted. Their eyes sparkled when they saw it as a treasure-trove in the Bible; but oh, how their souls were delighted when they saw in the last will and testament of their divine kinsman, that it was bequeathed to them! Even more special, it is the pleasure of God’s people to contemplate the graciousness of this covenant. They see that the law was made void because it was a covenant of works and depended upon merit, but this they perceive to be enduring because God’s grace is the basis, grace the condition, grace the fastener, grace the fortification, grace the foundation, grace the capstone. The covenant is a treasury of wealth, a warehouse of food, a fountain of life, a storehouse of salvation, a charter of peace, and a haven of joy.