Evening, August 3, edited from Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening

As Jesus was on his way…” — Luke 8:42

Jesus is passing through the crowd to the house of Jairus, to raise the ruler’s dead daughter; but he is so abundant in goodness that he works another miracle while upon the road. While this rod of Aaron is yet to bear the blossom of an unaccomplished wonder, it yields the ripe almonds of a perfect work of mercy. It is enough for us, if we have just one purpose, to go directly and accomplish it; it would be imprudent to expend our energies by the way. Hastening to the rescue of a drowning friend, we cannot afford to exhaust our strength upon another in like danger. It is enough for a tree to yield one sort of fruit, and for a man to fulfill his own unique calling. But our Master knows no limit of power or boundary of mission. He is so prolific of grace, that like the sun which shines as it rolls onward in its orbit, his path is radiant with loving kindness. He is a swift arrow of love, which not only reaches its ordained target, but perfumes the air through which it flies. Virtue is forever going out of Jesus, as sweet fragrances exhale from flowers; and it always will be emanating from him, as water from a sparkling fountain. What delightful encouragement this truth affords us! If our Lord is so ready to heal the sick and bless the needy, then, my soul, don’t be slow to put yourself in his path, that he may smile on you. Don’t be slack in asking, if he is so abundant in granting. Give earnest attention to his word now, and at all times, that Jesus may speak through it to your heart. Where he is to be found make your rest there, that you may obtain his blessing. When he is present to heal, may he not heal you? But surely he is present even now, for he always comes to hearts which need him. And don’t you need him? Ah, he knows how much! Oh, Son of David, turn your eye and look upon the distress which is now before you, and make this humble beggar whole.