Morning, July 16, edited from Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening

“They gathered manna every morning.” — Exodus 16:21

Labor to maintain a sense of your entire dependence upon the Lord’s good will and pleasure for the continuance of your richest enjoyments. Never try to live on the old manna, nor seek to find help in Egypt. All must come from Jesus, or you will be unfulfilled forever. Old anointings, old spiritual infilling will not be enough to impart new spiritual life to your spirit; your head must have fresh oil poured upon it from the golden horn of the sanctuary, or it will cease from its wonder. Today you may be atop the summit of the mount of God, but he who has put you there must keep you there, or you will sink far more speedily than you can dream. Your mountain only stands firm when he settles it in its place; if he hide his face, you will soon be troubled. If the Savior should see fit, there is not a window through which you see the light of heaven which he could not darken in an instant. Joshua commanded the sun stand still, but Jesus can shroud it in total darkness. He can withdraw the joy of your heart, the light of your eyes, and the strength of your life; in his hand you find comforts, and at his will they can depart from you. This hourly dependence our Lord has established so that we shall feel and recognize it, for he only permits us to pray for “daily bread,” and only promises that “as our days our strength shall be.” Is it not best for us that it should be so, that we may often return to his throne, and constantly be reminded of his love? Oh! how rich the grace which supplies us so continually, and doesn’t leave because of our ingratitude! The heavenly, refreshing shower never ceases, the cloud of blessing abides forever above our habitation. Oh Lord Jesus, we would bow at your feet, conscious of our utter inability to do anything without you, and in every favor which we are privileged to receive, we would adore your blessed name and acknowledge your inexhaustible love.