Evening, July 14, edited from Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening

“Now after the Sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to look at the grave.” — Matthew 28:1

Let us learn from Mary Magdalene how to obtain fellowship with the Lord Jesus. Notice how she seeks. She sought the Savior very early in the morning. If you are satisfied to wait for Christ, and be patient in the hope of having fellowship with him at some distant season, you will never have fellowship at all; for the heart that is positioned for communion with him is a hungry and a thirsty heart. She sought him also with very great boldness. Other disciples fled from the grave, for they feared and were stunned; but Mary, it is said, “stood” at the tomb. If you would have Christ with you, seek him boldly. Let nothing hold you back. Defy the world. Press on where others flee. She sought Christ faithfully–she stood at the tomb. Some find it hard to stand by a living Savior, but she stood by a dead one. Let us seek Christ in this way, clinging to the very least thing that has to do with him, remaining faithful though all others should forsake him. Note further, she sought Jesus earnestly–she stood “weeping”. Those teardrops were as invocations that led the Savior captive, and made him come forth and show himself to her. If you desire Jesus’ presence, weep after it! If you cannot be happy unless he comes and says to you, “You are my beloved,” you will soon hear his voice. Lastly, she sought the Savior only. What did she care for angels? She turned herself back from them; her search was only for her Lord. If Christ is your one and only love, if your heart has cast out all rivals, you will not lack long for the comfort of his presence. Mary Magdalene sought accordingly because she loved much. Let us arouse ourselves to the same intensity of affection; let our heart, like Mary’s, be full of Christ, and our love, like hers, will be satisfied with nothing short of himself. Oh Lord, reveal yourself to us this evening!