Evening, July 8, edited from Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening

Lead me in Your truth and teach me,
For You are the God of my salvation;
For You I wait all the day..” — Psalm 25:5

When the believer has begun with trembling feet to walk in the way of the Lord, he asks to be still led onward like a little child upheld by his parent’s helping hand, and he craves to be further instructed in the building blocks of truth. Experiential teaching is the burden of this prayer. David knew much, but he felt his ignorance, and desired to remain in the Lord’s school; four times over in two verses he applies for a scholarship in the college of grace. It would bode well for many professing believers if instead of following their own plans, and cutting out new paths of thought for themselves, they would inquire for the good old ways of God’s own truth, and beg the Holy Spirit to give them sanctified understandings and teachable spirits. “For you are the God of my salvation.” The Three-In-One Jehovah is the Author and Finisher of salvation to his people. Reader, is he the God of your salvation? Do you find in the Father’s choice of you, in the Son’s atonement, and in the Spirit’s enlivening, all the grounds of your eternal hopes? If so, you may use this as an argument for obtaining further blessings; if the Lord has ordained to save you, surely he will not refuse to instruct you in his ways. It is a happy thing when we can address the Lord with the confidence which David here shows; it gives us great power in prayer, and comfort in trial. “On you do I wait all the day.” Patience is the fair handmaid and daughter of faith; we cheerfully wait when we are certain that we shall not wait in vain. It is our duty and our privilege to wait upon the Lord in service, in worship, in expectancy, in trust all the days of our life. Our faith will be tested faith, and if it be of the true kind, it will bear continued trial without yielding. We shall not grow weary of waiting upon God if we remember how long and how graciously he once waited for us.